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Services Offered

Maintenance Services

All HVAC systems fail at some point and it is usually when it is most inconvenient or the temperature is extreme.  We offer spring and fall maintenance and inspections to help prolong the life of your unit and resolve any issues with your equipment before it is put to full time use.  A spring maintenance includes cleaning the outdoor coils, inspecting the units, checking refrigeration temperatures, and inspecting the filters.  We are happy to replace filters that you provide or bring you new filters with prior notice.  A
fall maintenance checks your system to be sure it is in it's optimal working order before the season begins.  Please remember that maintenance and inspection services will provide you with a report of how your system is working on that particular day and does not guarantee that systems will not fail or struggle throughout the season.  We do not offer maintenance "contracts" so that customers have flexibility when it comes to their systems as well as the convenience of paying seasonally rather than annually.  A maintenance on the first unit is $105 but only $75 for each additional system at the same residence.  The best time to schedule your maintenance service is in April/May and October/November.

Heating or Air Conditioning Problems

Your systems will fail at some time, and we always hope the problem is minimal.  Our diagnostic fee per call is $85.  We will provide you with an explanation of the problem and options for repairs.  We treat you like family and will never suggest any repairs that aren't necessary.  Our repair fees are as low as other companies and you will be happy with our service and repair.  Occasionally, parts will need to be ordered for you and we will return to install these parts in a timely manner. 

Replacement of Equipment

Thompson Heating & Cooling, LLC is proud to be a TRANE dealer.  We believe their product is the best around and will be happy to provide you with a FREE estimate to replace your equipment with a TRANE product.  We can also provide you with other manufacturers' equipment on request.

Thermostats, Ducts, Dampers, and more

Programmable digital and wifi thermostats are an excellent way to manage your heating and cooling costs by providing accurate temperature readings and adjusting the temperature when your family is not home.  We recommend inspecting your ducts in attics and crawl spaces annually for holes caused by wear or animals.  Loose or open ducts cause large utility bills and poor HVAC efficiency.  Call us to inspect your ducts and provide you an estimate for repairs ($85 service fee applies for duct inspections).  Many homeowners find significant water damage from units that are installed in attics or second floors.  Emergency switches will help avoid serious water damage if your system fails with clogged drain lines.   Dampers in your system helps your system send more airflow to various parts of your home.  Be sure to adjust your dampers for each heating and cooling season.  Please call us to schedule any of these services to optimize the efficiency of your HVAC system.
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